How to Keep the Dust off Your Clothes While Moving to Another State

Moving out of state can be a dusty process as the truck kicks up dust on the road, but if you take the right steps, you can prevent your clothes from coming into contact with a bunch of dust. Want to ensure your clothes are dust-free at the end of your out-of-state move? Then, take a look at these tips:

1. Don't pack dust.

If you don't want your clothes dusty when you arrive at your new home, you need to ensure you don't pack any dust. If you have any clothes that are in the back of your closet collecting dust, clean them before you move. You can dry clean them if you like, or you can remove the dust manually.

To remove dust, simply run a lint brush over your winter coats, suits, and other dusty pieces of clothing, or if you don't have a lint brush, wrap some packing tape over your hands and press that over the fabric until it's dust and lint free. Alternatively, if you have old work clothes covered in sawdust or other types of thick dust on your clothing, you can use the upholstery brush on your vacuum to clean them or use a can of compressed air to blow off the dust.

2. Pack your clothes in plastic.

Once you've removed excess dust and are ready to start packing your clothing, make a plan to pack it in plastic. A plastic sheath around your clothing prevents it from getting into contact with dust while it's on the road in the moving truck. Place dry cleaning bags or garment bags over hanging clothes and pack them in a wardrobe box.

Wardrobe boxes are available from most moving companies, and they feature a small rail that allows you to hang clothing during the move. You can also make your own wardrobe box out of a cardboard box and a makeshift rail.

For T-shirts, sweaters, and other clothing items you want to pack in a box, you have a few options. If you have a vacuum sealer, you can pack these clothes in bags, vacuum seal them shut, and pop the bundles in a moving box. This keeps out the dust and also helps maximize the amount of stuff you can fit in a box.

Alternatively, you can place your clothes in large garbage bags before putting them in your moving boxes, or you can skip cardboard moving boxes and put all of your clothes in see-through, dust-proof plastic bins with well-sealed lids.

3. Minimize dust before moving.

Ideally, to keep your move organized, you should be packing for weeks before your moving day. Start by packing the clothes you don't wear often. Then, in the days and weeks before your move, slowly pack everything else and just keep out a small suitcase or overnight bag of clothes to wear in the day or two before, after, and during the move.

While some of your clothes are packed, you will need to find somewhere to store the boxes. Don't keep them in your garage as that can be one of the dustiest places in your home. Instead, keep them in the corner of your bedroom or a spare spot in your dining or living room. Keep dust to a minimum in those areas by vacuuming and dusting regularly.

4. Remove dust in your new home before unpacking.

You've taken a lot of effort to ensure you didn't "pack" dust in your moving boxes, and you've protected your clothes so they don't get dusty while in the moving truck. Now, you have to ensure you don't unpack your clothes in a dusty environment. Before unpacking, vacuum your new bedroom and closet and dust any hard surfaces. Once you're done, you're ready to unpack your dust-free clothes!

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