Unique Features To Consider When Renting Moving Containers

There are many benefits to using a moving container for your move. You have the ability to load the container up as you please, and when you are ready, the company you rented it from will load it on to a truck and transport it for you. If you are ready for it to be delivered, they will deliver it to your new location, where you can unload it. However, if you don't know where you are moving yet or your new home isn't ready, the storage container can be placed in storage until you are ready for the contents to be delivered. When you are ready to rent a moving container, there are many factors you need to consider, such as the size and price of the container. But, there are also some unique features you may want to consider as you go about selecting a company to rent from. Here are a few features some companies offer in their moving pods and why these unique features may be something you would want in a moving container.

Translucent Roofing and Side Windows

Translucent roofing and/or side windows on a moving container allow more light to shine in. This can be helpful as you load or unload the container in the day time. If these features are not on the container, the only way that light gets inside is through the door. If you have a long container, it can be dark towards the back of the container, even with the doors open. This feature helps increase the amount of light so that you can see clearly into the whole pod.

Ground Clearance

Some moving pods have no ground clearance. This means they sit flat on the ground. Others have skids, or feet, that help lift them slightly off of the ground with a ground clearance of four inches. Ultimately, you have to decide if you want a moving container with ground clearance or no ground clearance, as there are pros and cons to both. The advantage to having no ground clearance is that there is only a tiny lip where the door is to go over as you load your belongings. This means you can easily roll a furniture or appliance dolly with heavy items in and out of the unit. However, if it is raining and water starts pooling or puddling outside of your unit, it can enter the space if you have no ground clearance. Ground clearance helps lift the container off of the ground so water won't so easily enter. If you live in an area with little rain or are moving at a time when it shouldn't rain, you may want a unit with no ground clearance. However, if it's the rainy season where you live when you move, finding a unit with ground clearance may be important to you.

Roll-Up or Swing Open Doors

Another feature to consider when you are selecting a moving container is whether the unit has a roll-up door or swing open doors, and how much space you have. A roll-up door is pushed upward, and slides into the storage unit, much like a garage door opens. Swing open doors typically have a panel on the left and right side that each swing open. You need to allow enough space for those doors to swing all the way open. The doors measure the width of the container and generally, they're split evenly down the middle, so if the width of your container is 10 feet, each door will be five feet in length, totaling 10 feet. This means you must leave at least five feet of open space in front of and on each side of  the container to open the doors. Always ask a moving company what the width of the container is and how many feet the doors are to ensure you have enough space. If you don't, a roll-up door may better suit your needs.

You have many factors you need to consider when renting a moving container. Some of these include translucent roofing, side windows, different ground clearances and roll-up doors instead of swing open doors. Learning what unique features are available in moving pods, and then determining if any are useful to you, will help you find a company that offers the features you most desire in a moving container in order to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Contact a local company, such as Father & Son Moving & Storage, to see what options they can offer you.