5 Services Worth Paying For During A Move

According to experts, moving can rank up there with divorce and major illness when it comes to life's most potentially stressful events. In order to make your upcoming move less stressful and protect your time and emotional well-being, it may absolutely be worth it to pay for services that will make your move easier. Here are five helpful services to consider paying for the next time you move:


It can be tempting to skimp and save by moving everything yourself, but this is almost never worth it. Professional movers have the skills, equipment, know-how, and large moving truck needed to move all of your belongings (even that heavy sectional couch!) much more quickly and safely than you would be able to do on your own. You will also get to avoid inconveniencing your friends and family members, who will otherwise feel obligated to help you move even though they probably have many things they'd rather do with their weekend.

Professional Packing Service

Did you know that many moving companies offer packing services for an additional fee? Instead of spending weeks painstakingly wrapping and packing your dishes, clothes, knick-knacks, and other belongings, professional movers can pack up your whole house right before you move. Since packing can often be the most annoying aspect of moving, this service may be well worth the cost. 

Plus, professional packers have many tricks up their sleeves to make sure your belongings are packed in an organized, secure manner that will lead to fewer items being damaged or broken.

House Cleaning

When you're already tired and stressed out from your move, spending a few afternoons in a row deep cleaning your house is probably the last thing you want to do. Most people find they need to clean their old home for the new occupants (especially if renting, in order to get their deposit back), and perhaps even their new home as well. By paying someone to quickly but thoroughly handle at least one of these cleanings, you will save yourself a ton of time, not to mention a sore back!


Wrangling small children during a move can be quite challenging. By paying for a day or two of childcare during the move, you will find that your moving-related tasks get accomplished much more easily and quickly. Since you most likely won't be able to provide your children with tons of quality time during a chaotic move, childcare can be the best option for them as well. You will be able to attend to your move guilt-free, since you'll know a paid professional is spending time playing with, reading to, and entertaining your children.

Doggy Daycare

Dog may be man's best friend, but he can also be a pain in the neck when you're in the middle of a move. The last thing you need is to have your move interrupted with frequent dog walks, attempts to keep your dog from darting out the door and into the street while the movers are unloading your house, or Fido's sudden dislike for strangers being in the house and subsequent non-stop barking.

Besides being inconvenient for you, the chaos of a move is stressful for your dog as well. Instead, drop your dog off for a day or two of doggy daycare and let him spend the move playing with other dogs. By the time you pick him up and bring him to the new house, he will be happily worn out from all the exercise and attention.

These services do all cost money, but reward you with an easier, faster, and much less stressful move.  Click here for more information about moving services.