Last Minute Moving - Freezer Defrosting

There are a wide variety of circumstances that may leave you in a position where you have to move fairly quickly. If you have to move within a day or two due to a natural disaster in the area or an unsafe home environment, then you are probably scrambling around your home trying to figure out what to do. You can speak with last minute movers who can assist you with the packing and moving. You will still need to complete a bit of preparation work beforehand if you want to move something like a freezer without causing a mess. Keep reading to learn about what you need to do.

Do You Really Need To Defrost?

Believe it or not, you may not really need to defrost your freezer before the move. However, this is only likely if you are moving 30 minutes or less from your home. The ice in the freezer is likely to start melting and creating a mess if the drive is any longer. However, keep in mind that the weather can affect this as well.

Most people move during the spring and summer. Specifically, May through September is considered the busy moving season. If you are also moving during the warmer months, then 30 minutes travel time may be too generous of an estimate when it comes to melting freezer ice. However, if you are moving during the winter and the temperature outside is at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can probably transport a freezer that has not been defrosted much longer than 30 minutes. Consider the distance as well as the outdoor temperature when deciding whether or not you need to defrost the freezer.

Do I Need To Pack The Food?

If you think that you do not have to defrost the freezer, do not make the mistake of leaving the food inside. Some movers will move perishable items, while others will not. If the movers agree to move the items, they typically will need to be packaged and sealed. Movers probably will not move the freezer with the items still inside. This means that you need to remove and place the food in storage before the movers arrive, regardless of if you need to defrost the freezer or not.

To store frozen items for a move, go to your local grocery store and pick up several coolers and some dry ice. Since you are in a hurry, the disposable styrofoam coolers you see at your supermarket will work just fine. If you have some frozen ice packs, then you will need these too. Place a layer of dry ice on the bottom of each cooler and place a few frozen ice packs on top. Place the frozen food on top of the ice packs. Leave enough room in each cooler so you can place some more dry ice on top. Place the tops on the coolers. To make sure that warm air does not cause the dry ice to melt, place a piece of duct tape around the lid seams to seal the coolers. 

What Do I Do If I Decide To Defrost?

If you decide to defrost your freezer after all or if you need to because of a longer move, then you can defrost fairly quickly. Typically, it takes at least a few hours to defrost the freezer if you allow the warm air in your home to melt the ice. However, if you want to complete the defrosting process in 10 or 15 minutes, then empty the freezer and set it outdoors on your lawn or porch. Boil a large pot of water. Place an oven mitt or a trivet inside the freezer. Place the boiling pot on the trivet. Close the freezer door and allow the steam from the water to melt the ice. Open the door after about 10 or 15 minutes. Use towels to clean out the water from the freezer.