Tips To Keep The Heat Down During Your Summer Move

If you have a move coming up in the near future and the big day will arrive smack in the middle of the summer, you might have more to worry about than just moving some boxes around. If it gets especially hot in your neck of the woods during the warmest months of the year, you are likely going to be working up quite a sweat while relocating. To help keep yourself cool and sane, here are some summer moving tips to keep in mind.

Start Early

If it's going to be a scorcher on your moving day, don't start moving boxes to your vehicle at high noon after the sun is already in the sky. For best results, schedule your big day well in advance and try to get as early of a time slot as possible. If you can hit the road at 8 a.m. while it's only in the early stages of heating up, you'll be in solid shape.

Call Ahead to Get the A/C Pumping

If possible, reach out to your landlord or utility company to make sure the electricity will be fully turned on and ready to go in advance of the move. If you can get into the space ahead of time, you can turn on the central air or install a window unit to get your place cooled off before you arrive. It will feel awfully nice to walk in out of the heat into a fully cooled room.

Keep Everyone Hydrated

Make a "go" bag for the day of the move and make sure there is plenty of bottled water for not just you but every member of your family. You can win brownie points with the movers if you remember them as well. Finally, if you have a dog coming with you, don't forget to put together a little water bowl to keep man's best friend hydrated as well.

Contact a local moving company today to schedule an early time slot your move. If you're looking for additional hot weather tips, consider bringing plenty of sunscreen or a portable mister or fan. Wear lightweight fabric but consider keeping your skin covered with long sleeves if the sun will be out all day or if you are worried about cuts and bruises while lifting. For more tips, ask your local movers what they suggest for a move on a hot summer's day.