Some FAQs About Movers

If you are moving soon, then you have probably thought about hiring movers to help with at least some of your move. If you haven't thought about movers yet, then you should. You can read some of the questions about movers that a lot of people have and the answers to these questions in this article. Once you learn more about them, you will probably find a lot of ways they would be able to help you out with your upcoming move. 

Who supplies the packing supplies when you hire movers?

If you rent a moving truck from a moving company, then you will need to purchase the packing supplies from them or from someone else. If you hire a moving company to pack and move you, then they will bring all of the packing supplies with them that they will use to pack everything and move it to your new home. This will include the packing supplies that will be needed to safely pack up all of your fragile items. 

What services can movers provide you with?

Movers can pack and unpack your entire home for you. They can also disassemble any large items like furniture and electronics for the move and reassemble them when they are placed into your new home. Movers can transport everything to your new home for you. Some movers can come out to move large items you need help with, such as a hot tub or a piano. Movers may also be able to store your items for you until you can move them into your new place if they have the proper facilities for this, which many do. 

How far in advance should you contact movers?

It's never too soon to contact a residential moving company once you have the date. In fact, even if you don't have an exact date, but you know your move is coming soon, you can contact the movers and get started by getting an estimate and letting them know roughly when your move will be. They will let you know the things they want to inform you of ahead of time that may be helpful. Once you decide on the date of your move, then you can call them back to schedule a time for them to come over. By calling sooner rather than later, you will know they will be available to move you on the exact dates you prefer.