Should You Reserve A Storage Unit During Your Renovation Project?

When you are performing home renovations, you might want to remove many of your possessions so that they don't end up damaged. However, you might wonder where you'll be putting everything and you might also be worried because of how long your possessions will be placed in storage. Fortunately, self-storage units can be rented for only one month and you return your belongings to your home at your own pace.

How to Decide How Much Space You Need

If you are not sure how much storage space you need for your furniture, you'll want to consider choosing a storage unit that is a similar size to the room that you are renovating. Then, not only will you have enough space, but you will also be less likely to damage any furniture you remove.

Security and Safety Concerns

The next factor to consider is whether the storage unit will provide you with enough security. You will want to make sure that the unit has surveillance footage, electronic gate access, and security personnel that are on the property at all times. 

Consider whether you would like to have 24/7 access or if it is acceptable to have access only during business hours. When you have access to storage 24/7, you will be able to retrieve your belongings whenever you want. However, this option will not usually provide you with as much security. 

How to Protect Your Belongings

Possessions that you store in your home would not necessarily be safe in a storage unit because your home likely has heating and air conditioning. However, if you choose a storage unit that has climate control, you won't have to worry about humidity issues or your belongings freezing. This is especially important with electronics and wooden furniture.

To make sure that your belongings look great when you remove them from storage, make sure to clean them ahead of time. Some of your belongings will also need to be covered so that they're protected.

Make Sure to Create an Inventory

Make sure to create an inventory of everything you stored in your unit. It's easy to forget that a particular piece of furniture is in storage. When anything is placed in a box, make sure that the box is labeled.

Once your renovations are finished, you can remove your belongings from the storage unit at your own pace and you can close your account once you no longer need the storage unit. Talk to a storage facility to learn more.