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Unique Features To Consider When Renting Moving Containers

There are many benefits to using a moving container for your move. You have the ability to load the container up as you please, and when you are ready, the company you rented it from will load it on to a truck and transport it for you. If you are ready for it to be delivered, they will deliver it to your new location, where you can unload it. However, if you don't know where you are moving yet or your new home isn't ready, the storage container can be placed in storage until you are ready for the contents to be delivered. Read More 

How to Keep the Dust off Your Clothes While Moving to Another State

Moving out of state can be a dusty process as the truck kicks up dust on the road, but if you take the right steps, you can prevent your clothes from coming into contact with a bunch of dust. Want to ensure your clothes are dust-free at the end of your out-of-state move? Then, take a look at these tips: 1. Don't pack dust. If you don't want your clothes dusty when you arrive at your new home, you need to ensure you don't pack any dust. Read More 

Relocating Quickly: 4 Ways To Save Time When Packing For A Move

Are you relocating on a time limit and quickly nearing the end of your deadline? If so, it's worth taking a break to read this post. These four tips will save you loads of time and make your life a little easier while packing up and moving to a new place. 1. Buy Your Tape From A Craft Store If you're heading to the hardware store to buy the tape you'll use to seal your moving boxes, stop right there. Read More 

Moving beyond the Myths: Two Common Moving Falsehoods Busted

Moving can already be a complex and frustrating event, but it can be further complicated by decisions made based on commonly believed myths. Here is the truth about two frequently held beliefs about moving so you can make optimal decisions about your relocation. Liability Insurance Will Cover the Damage Possibly the most pervasive myth is that a moving company's liability insurance will cover any damage that may occur during your move. Read More